Generating Reports

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018 10:14PM GMT

Generating Reports

Learn to generate Coverage Book, Analysis, and Data reports on your Feeds
  • Click the Reports tab to get started!

Create Report

Sections of Generating a Report

  • Export Format
  • Time Range
  • Select Feeds
  • Exporting


  • Select the format of your export. Formats include:
    • Coverage Book - Create an HTML rich web gallery coverage book which can easily be shared via URL link.
    • Monthly Report - Create a PowerPoint report focusing on monthly coverage comparisons.
    • Data - Create data rich Excel reports which includes information on the amount of followers of the author, shares and likes of the publication and post, a hyperlink to the publication and post and more.


  • Use the beginning and end date picker to select the time frame which you would like you reports to focus on.
    • Coverage Book & Data Reports - Allows you to freely select any start and end point.
    • Monthly Reports - Only Allows you to select a one-month time period.


  • Feeds that have been selected will go from grey to green. In the example above, the NYFW online and NYFW social feeds have been selected, while the NYFW Print feed has not been selected.
  • When using only either of Export Format, Coverage Book and Monthly Report, additional options will need to be selected per feed. See the yellow highlights in the screenshot above. These include:
    • Include Clippings Of - Allows you to select the amount most recent mentions which you want to report to show. This number will vary based on the Export format selected.
      • Coverage Book - Can show up to 500 mentions for Online, Print, and Social feeds.
      • Monthly Report - Can show up to 40 mentions for Online and Print feeds. Can show up to 200 mentions for Social feeds.
    • Based On - After selecting the "First [Number] Mentions", base those selected mentions on the following criteria:
      • Best Audience - Will show the mentions with the largest reach.
      • Most engagement - Will show the mentions with the most likes and shares.
      • Latest - Will show the most recent mentions published.


  • Once the export format, time range, and feeds are selected, the green generate button will be available for you to select. The report will generate to the following files:
    • Coverage Book - "Generate Coverage Book"
    • Monthly Report - "Export to Powerpoint"
    • Data - "Export to Excel"
  • When the report has finished downloading, available Reports will be found in the bottom left hand corner.
  • Click the download icons to open up the report.

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