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The Payments tab allows the Influencer to view the status of their payments, edit their payment address, and inquire in regards to any billing questions they might have. 

Once an Influencer accepts their first approved Campaign and agrees to the terms, an Administrator will reach out to assist with the following to set up for payment:
  • Send an invitation through to enter an Influencer's U.S. bank information to be able to send ePayments. If you prefer check payments you can ignore the invitation.
  • If an Influencer has a U.S. issued social security number or employer identification number, they will need to fill out a W-9 Form which can be found here.
  • If an Influencer does not have a U.S. issued social security number or employer identification number, the Influencer must fill out a W-8BEN which can be found here

Content vs Display Tabs

  • Content - Payment for when the Influencer was required to create any custom content.
  • Display - Payment for when  the Influencers was required to host advertisements on their blogs or websites. 

Sort by Fields

  • Status - Payments will be marked as either Open or Closed.
  • Invoice Name - Name of the Invoice
  • Campaign Name - Name of the Campaign the payment is associated to.
  • Amount - Total $ amount of the payment.
  • Due Date - As per the default Terms, Due Date for payment is scheduled 90 days after the Campaign End Date month. 
  • Paid Date - The day the payment has been sent to the Influencer.

Inquire Button

  • Click 'Inquire' to message the Finance Department regarding payments for Campaigns.

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