Editing My Account

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2019 05:24PM BST

Editing My Account

Increase campaign bookings by keeping your Account profile up to date. 

Profile vs Account

  • Click your Influencer profile picture in the top right corner to manage your Account settings, preview your Profile, and Log Out of the Influencer platform.
    • Profile - Click 'Profile' to view the exact preview of what your Influencer profile page will look like to viewing Brands. All the information that you see on this page is edited with your 'My Account' page, therefore the majority of your time will be spent using the 'Account' option.
    • Account - Click 'Account' to be redirected to your 'My Account' page. Your 'My Account' page will be where all profile information will be edited.
    • Log Out - Click 'Log Out' to exit the Influencer platform.

My Account

  • 'My Account' is where Influencers go to manage all the information which they would like to share with Brands. It is highly recommended that you complete as much information as possible to increase your chances of Brands booking you for their Campaigns.
  • 'My Account' is organized and separated into the following categories. 
    • Account Info - Basic account information about the Influencer.
    • Blog Info - Basic information about the Influencer's Blog or Website.
    • Social Networks - Connect to social media accounts to provide the most up to date follower statistics on each of the Influencer's platforms.
    • Your Services - Set desired price for all of your Influencer services.
    • Email Settings - Enable or disable various email alert notifications.
  • Click the 'View Profile' option at any point when viewing 'My Account' to Preview your Influencer profile page.
  • Information completed in each category will be saved when toggled to the next category.
  • Keep an eye on the progress percentage bar by seeing how much of your profile has been completed. The goal is to get to 100%!

Account Info

Enter your Influencer profile information. Any fields with a red asterisk (*) is a mandatory filled that must be completed. 
  • Basic Information - Enter the First and Last Name of the Influencer.
  • Profile - Set the Email Address and Password used to log into the Influencer Platform. This is where user's can change both Email and Address and Password info at any time. Phone Number can also be entered here.
  • Representation - Input your Agency name and Agent's Email address (if applicable). Communication preferences can also be set to:
    • Send all inquiries directly to me - No emails will be sent to Agent Email. Only the Email Address set in the Profile section.
    • Send all inquiries to my agent only - No emails will be sent to the Email Address set in the Profile section. Emails will only be sent to the inputted Agent's Email address.
    • Send all inquiries to me and my agent - Emails will be sent to both the Email Address set in the Profile section as well as the Agent's Email.
  • Profile Picture - Add up to 5 profile pictures for Brands to view of you.
  • Address - Input the best address that will be used for product delivery and payment.
  • Payment Address - Complete this section if the Payment Address differs from your address used for product delivery.
  • Date of Birth - Enter the Day, Month, and Year of birth.
  • Personal Bio - Use this free text section to add a brief description about yourself as an Influencer.
  • Expertise - Set up to 6 fields of Expertise from the predefined dropdown list.
  • Personal Information - Definite personal information such as Marital Status, Ethnicity, Gender, and Children age.  

Blog/Website Info

Enter your Influencer blog or website information. Any fields with a red asterisk (*) is a mandatory filled that must be completed. 
  • Basic Information - Enter your Blog/Website name and URL. These details will be show on your Influencer profile page.
  • Blog/Website Description - Use this free text section to add a brief description about your Blog/Website.
  • Blog/Website Launch Date - Enter the date in which your Blog or Website was launched. 
  • Choose Categories - Select up to 6 categories which best describe your Blog or Website.
  • Major Industry Events Covered - Use this free text section to add a brief description about the industry events that you as an Influencer will cover.
  • Blog/Website Readers - Enter the statistical details of your Blog or Website readership. Brands are often interested in these details to help target their campaigns.
    • Monthly unique visitors
    • Monthly page views
    • Email subscribers
    • Avg visitor age
    • Household income
    • US based visitor %

Social Networks

It is highly recommended that Influencers connect as many social media accounts as possible to give as much visibility and exposure to Brands on their profile page. 
  • Click 'Connect' to the right of each social media icon to connect your profile.
  • If you have any issues with connecting your Social Networks, please contact the Launchmetrics support team at support@launchmetrics.com
Social Networks Include:
  • Instagram - This is the only platform that is required to be connected.
  • Google Analytics - Used to gather the most accurate Page View and Unique Visitor information for your Blog/Website to be displayed in your Influencer Profile. 
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest 
  • Snapchat - As of July 2018, Snapchat Connect is not available yet, in the meantime please add your Snapchat username and followers count so it can be displayed on your profile.

Your Services

Enter your price rate for each particular Influencer Service. All prices for your services are for internal use only and won't be displayed to the brands, unless toggled to 'Yes' in the Display Settings.

Branded Content Prices Include
  • Blog Post
  • Instagram Post
  • Instragram Story
  • Facebook Post
  • Twitter Post
  • Twitter Chat
  • YouTube Video
  • Pinterest Pin
  • Pinterest Board
  • Snapchat Post
  • Giveaway Hosting
Media Prices Include
  • Banner Ad
  • Background Re-skin
  • Dedicated Newsletter
Talent Services Include
  • Styling
  • Modeling
  • Video Hosting
  • Event Hosting
  • Event Attendance

Email Settings

Influencers manage the Email Notification Settings which they can receive by toggling Yes or No.

You may request that we deactivate your Account at any time by following the procedures on the Site or by emailing irm@stylecoalition.com. If you deactivate your Account, Style Coalition by Launchmetrics will endeavor to promptly cease displaying your Profile Advertisers, but the Account shall remain active so long as there are any pending transactions associated with your account.
  • Send me connection status alerts - You will receive email notification when any of your social networks become disconnected.
  • Send me payment notifications - You will receive email notification when Style Coalition makes a payment to you.
  • Send me campaign updates - You will receive email notification about campaign updates.
  • Send me alerts for new messages - You will receive emails about Style Coalition offers.

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