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Learn how to manage and create new Campaigns

Add New Campaign

  • ​Click 'Add New Campaign' to begin the process of creating a new Campaign.
  • The following information will be asked to be completed and will be shared with the influencers when notifying them about the campaign opportunity. Fields with a Red Asterisk* are required:
    • Campaign Name: The name of your campaign.
    • Product Name: Name of the product that is going to be promoted.
    • Brand Name: Name of the brand that product is affiliated with.
    • Target Budget: The target budget for the entire campaign.
    • Launch date - End Date: The launch and end dates of the campaign
    • Campaign Overview: The description of what the campaign is about, as well as the option to upload relevant files for the campaign. 
    • Keywords: This is important as these keywords will be used to monitor all relevant content for your campaign. Suggested keywords would be your brand name, product name, or campaign name. The more specific they are, the better content will be monitored.
    • Hashtags: These are the required hashtags that the influencers must use for the campaign in order to monitor all data for the campaign
  • Once you fill out all of the information click on "Save and Continue" to add your Influencers. 

  • Click on the Add Influencers button to add the Influencers you would like to book for the Campaign. 
    • Add from search - This will open up a pop up window of the Influencer Search.
    • Add from list - This will open up a pop up window of your saved Influencer Lists
    • Click the circular "Add influencer(s)" icon and this will open up a pop up window also of the Influencer Search.
  • When you have found the Influencer you would like to add to the Campaign, use the checkbox to the left of the Influencer name and select 'Add Selected'. 
  • Selected Influencers will appear under the Campaign details.

Assignment, Product, and Terms

  • Before being ready to submit your Campaign to the Admin team at Style Coalition by Launchmetrics, you will need to complete Assignment, Product, and Terms information per Influencer. You may complete either Assignment or Product, or both. You are not required to complete the Terms if you choose to use our Default Terms provided.


  • Click 'Assignment' to get started next to any of the Influencers.
  • Within 'Assignment' click 'Add New Campaign Element' to select the type of Content which your Influencers will be responsible for posting within the Campaign. 

Once you have chosen the branded content you will be prompted to fill in the following:
  • Live Date: The dates the campaign will begin and end
  • Suggested rate: The suggested rate is given based on one of the 3 factors: historical data based on the average amount that each influencer charges per campaign that they have done; the rate card they provide in their application or market average.
    • *If you are going to pay the influencer with a product, leave this blank.
  • Add Guidelines: This is where the brand can write exactly they are looking to be done with the branded content and what they would like the influencer to do.
  • Add New Campaign Element: If you need the influencer to do another branded content click here to fill out the information in regards to it
  • Save - Clicking on save will save all of the information that you assigned to the influencer.
  • Save & Apply to All - If you click this action, you will get an alert stating that all existing assignments and rates you assigned to other influencers involved in the campaign will be replaced.


  • Information on the Product that the Influencer will be using for Campaign is stated here.
  • Product Name - Name of the product
  • Product - You can choose if the product will be given to the influencer as a Loan or as Gift. 
    • *If you are paying the influencer with a product, this is where you will select gift to keep a record of the payment
  • Value - The total value of the product.
  • Description - A brief description of the product
  • Save - Clicking on save will save all of the information that you assigned to the influencer.
  • Save & Apply to All - If you click this action, you will get an alert stating that all existing assignments and rates you assigned to other influencers involved in the campaign will be replaced.


  • The Terms section allows users to outline a legal Statement of Work document between the Brand and the Influencer confirming that both parties agree on the terms and work for the Campaign. Our platform provides default legal terms based on our expertise. The brand is also able to edit this document at their discretion between them and the influencer if needed. Once influencers accept the campaign, a final copy of the Terms will be emailed to both parties in .PDF format. 
  • Once all information on Assignment, Product, and Terms are completed, you will be ready to select "Submit for Approval" for the Style Coalition by Launchmetrics Admin team to review for approval. 
  • Most Campaigns are typically approved within 24 hours. Our team will reach out with any suggested changes or questions.
  • Once approved and your campaign goes live, you will then be able to view the Campaign Dashboard and Reports.

Accepted, Declined, & Pending Influencers

  • Once a campaign has been approved, influencers will be notified of the Assignment, Product, and Terms of the campaign designated to them. At this point influencers who have been selected when creating the campaign, will have the ability to Accept or Decline the campaign. By default the status of the influencer will be Pending until changed. You can view these statuses directly within the Campaign Overview.
  • If an Influencer chooses to 'Decline' the campaign they are given the option to select the reason why. By clicking on the X to the left of the word Declined, you can view the Reasons for Decline.
  • If an Influencer is still Pending, you have the ability to send an email reminder to the influencer about your campaign and the details of the influencers participation. By clicking on the yellow clock icon, you can send a reminder email.   
  • If an Influencer has accepted your campaign, you will see a green check mark with the word Accepted.
  • In addition to be being able to see the influencer status directly within the Campaign Overview, brands will also receive an email notification if the influencer has accepted or declined the campaign. 

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