Influencer Search

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2018 03:07PM BST

Influencer Search

Learn how to search and find the right Influencers for your Campaign

The Influencer Search is where you can search by Influencer or Blog name or use specific criteria for the Influencers that you are looking to add to your Campaign. Search results will provide metrics on each Influencer's social media, blog reach, and categories they specialize in.


Search By: Blog Name

  • Use the 'Search By: Blog Name' field to search specifically by the name of an Influencer's blog or by the actual name of the Influencer.
  • As you type in the Influencer name, you will see results pre-populate.
  • Click 'Apply Search' to make your search. 


Filter By: Searching

  • Allows you to Filter By specific criteria and variables that you are looking for in the Influencers.
  • Criteria
    • These are broken down by 3 main criteria:
      • Reach
        • Instagram – Number of followers on Instagram.
        • Facebook – Number of fans on Facebook.
        • Twitter – Number of followers on Twitter.
        • YouTube  – Number of subscribers on YouTube.
        • Pinterest – Number of followers on Pinterest.
        • Blog – The number of unique visitors Influencers get on a monthly basis to their blog.
      • Audience
        • Gender – Percent of Male or Female that make up the influencer's audience.
        • Age – Percent of Age of the visitors that influencers reach on their social media and blog platforms
        • ​Location – Country that the influencers audience are located in.
        • Engagement - Average number of followers who engage (Like, Comment, or Share), an influencer's post. High rates indicate an influencer has a strong, active follower base. Typical engagement rates are around 1.5-2%.
        • Quality Score - The quality of an influencer's follower-base interactions, including auto-detection of bots and fake followers. Scores of 80% and higher are considered healthy quality. 
      • Influencer
        • Categories are the products and services which influencer's handle, such as:
          • Fashion
          • Beauty
          • Bridal
          • Home Décor
          • Men's Lifestyle
          • Travel
          • Food
          • Health & Fitness
        • Expertise – Provides information on any unique expertise the influencer's possess.
        • Services – Type of services that influencers can provide based on the information influencers provide in their application.
        • Gender – What is the Gender of the influencer you are looking to work with.
        • Age - What is the Age of the influencer you are looking to work with.
        • Location - Where is the influencer located that you are looking to work with.
        • Ethnicity – Ethnic affiliation of the Influencer
        • Relationship – Relationship status of Influencer
        • Children – Influencers children age

Sort By Options

  • Blog Size – Filters out Influencers based on the monthly unique visitors that go to their blog post
  • Blog Name – Filters out Influencers based on the name of their blog in alphabetical order

Influencer Profile Page

  • The Influencer profile page gives detailed information and links to all social media platforms and Blogs such as unique visitors to their blog on a monthly basis, page views, and number of followers.
  • This profile page will also provide a description of the Influencer and what they specialize in. 
  • The profile page is completed by the Influencer, so details on each will vary.


Add To Influencer Lists

  • Add an Influencer to an Influencers List by clicking on the 'Add to List' icon in the right hand corner next to their Blog/Influencer name.
  • You can add multiple Influencers to an Influencers List by selecting multiple check boxes to the left of the Influencer name and selecting 'Add To List' at the top of the Influencer results.
  • Once clicked, you have the option to add Influencers to an existing Influencers List which will be shown (click +Select) or create a new Influencer List name by clicking 'Create New List'.

Book Campaigns  

  • To book a single Influencer for a Campaign you just need to click on the 'Book Campaign' icon to the right of their Blog/Influencer name.
  • To book multiple Influencers for a Campaign, check off the checkbox's per Influencer desired and select 'Book Campaign' at the top of the search results. 




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