Invitee Seating

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2017 05:01PM BST

Invitee Seating

Navigate Invitee Seating and assign Seats

  • To begin assigning seats, click the 'Seating' dropdown followed by 'Invitee Seating'.

  • Go To Chart Builder - Allows user to return to the Chart Builder module
  • Printer Icon - Allows user to print either a full 'Floor Plan' view or more detailed views using the 'Sections' option. 
  • Options Dropdown
    • Seat Layout Preferences - Allows user to select exactly which information is wanted for Invitees or Guests within the seating chart. 
    • Edit Colors - Allows user to assign a color to each 'Contact Category'. In the example above, the category PRESS has been assigned the color Red.
    • Show RSVP State - Allows full color coded visibility on the RSVP status of each Invitee or Guest by Hiding or Showing RSVP State. Green = Yes, Red = No, Gray = Pending.

      Hide RSVP State

      Show RSVP State
  • View Full Screen - Allows for larger chart visibility within the web browser. This will not take over the entire computer screen.
  • + / - Icons - Allows user to zoom in or out of the chart. Invitee or Guest information will only be visible when the + icon has been clicked at least once. 
  • Select Dropdown - Allows user to select any specific 'Seating Element' (section) that they would like to work on.


  • Filter through the Invitees list by using the Search field on the left hand side.
  • To include Guest information attached under their respective Invitees tick off the 'Show guests attached to invitees' box.
  • Want to filter down your search even more to target specific Invitees? Click the + icon next to 'Add Search Criteria'. 
  • To hide the 'Search' field altogether, simply click the blue 'Hide Search' text. 


  • Sort your Invitees in ascending or descending order by clicking 'Apply Sort'.
  • Sort by fields include: Company, First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Region, Category, Type, RSVP Status, Seating, Seat Label
  • To hide the 'Sort' field altogether, simply click the blue 'Hide Sort' text


  • Click the gear icon (above the word 'Options') to customize header fields.
  • Double click or drag-and-drop 'Available Headers' to make them 'Selected Headers' within your Invitees list. The image below corresponds with the above 'Selected Headers'.

  • Clicking the options dropdown for each Invitee will allow you to:
    • Unassign Seat (only if the invitee has already been seated), Assign To Standing, Assign To Priority Standing, Change RSVP, Edit Contact Details, View Contact Details


How to Seat Invitees & Guests

  1. Click Invitee followed by clicking Seat
  2. Click Seat followed by clicking Invitee
  3. Click Seat followed by searching Invitee
  4. Drag Invitee and drop into Seat
  5. Assign Invitee to Standing or Priority Standing
  6. Double Seat and Taking Over Seats
  7. Moving Seated Invitee to New Seat

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