Setting up RFID Invitations

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2017 05:47PM GMT

RFID Invitations

Pair your scanner and assign an RFID tag to each of your invitees
  • The preferred scanner for assigning RFID tags and checking in invitees at your shows is the BlueBerry HS UHF Scanner by Tertium Technologies. 

  • To pair the scanner with your computer, go to System Preferences and select "Bluetooth".

NOTE: Fashion GPS recommends pairing on a MAC computer.

  • Search for "Tertium" and click on Pair. You are now ready to use the scanner to assign RFID #s to your invitees.
  • In Invitees Manager, select "RFID Barcode" from Layout Preferences.

  • Scan the RFID barcode on the invitation that corresponds to the correct Invitee. The RFID Barcode number will appear under the "RFID Barcode" field. 

  • Once you scan, the system will save the RFID Barcode automatically to that person. 

  • RFID Barcode stickers can be placed directly on an invitation or embedded within the invitation so it is invisible to your Invitees. 

NOTE: You cannot assign an RFID to an Invitee that has already been marked as "Attended". 

  • On the day of your show, pair the BlueBerry scanner with the iPad you are planning to check Invitees in with. Go to Settings --> Bluetooth and select "Tertium". 

  • As invitees come through, use the scanner to scan their invitations and check them in to your show.


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