Searching Samples

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2017 04:37PM BST

Searching for Samples

Search for samples across multiple search fields

  • To search for a particular sample or group of samples, enter the sample details you have available and then click “Search.” The more information you enter into the search wizard, the more the system will narrow down the search.

TIP: Searching by “Availability Status” will show you which samples available (Not Marked On Loan) or not available (Marked On Loan) in your inventory. 

​TIP: Clicking on “Revert to Default” will clear your search fields.

TIP: "Style #" allows you to search by multiple style numbers at the same time.



  • You can change what columns are visible by clicking “Layout Preferences” on the right side of the page. From here, you can choose which fields you would like to be visible to you, such as Last Name, First Name, Company, etc. 

NOTE: You will notice that there is a thin column on the far left side of the screen with different colors next to each sample. these colors show the status of each sample (whether it ’s out on loan, overdue, sold, etc.). You can view a color legend or “tool tip” for these statuses by hovering over the small question mark next to sample Manager.

To change your Layout Preferences:

  • Click on “Layout Preferences” below the search Wizard. “Selected Headers” lists the sample details that are currently visible to your username. To remove any of these selected headers, simply click the “X”.

  • “Available Headers” lists the other sample details you can make visible in your search results. You can find specific sample details by typing in the “Quick Search” bar in the upper right corner, or by simply browsing the complete list.

  • To add new sample details to “Selected Headers”, either double click on your desired sample detail header (which will add it to the far right of your list) or drag and drop it into your preferred order in the “Selected Headers” section.

  • The sample detail will flash green when it has been added Select “Reset to Defaults” to restore your “Selected Headers” to the original Fashion GPS layout.

  • Click “Submit” to save your changes.

  • Choose from the “Display” drop-down at the bottom of the page to select the number of samples you would like to be able to view per page. 

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