Uploading Press Hits

Last Updated: Jul 17, 2017 10:19PM BST

Uploading Press Hits

Create Press Hits one by one or several at a time

Create a single Press Hit

  • Click on “Create Press Hit” in the upper right corner of the page. 

  • Enter all relevant Press Hit details (Designer, Collection, Season, Publicity Type, etc.). 


  • Choose "Basic" to upload images one at a time by browsing files on your computer.

  • Choose "Advanced" to upload multiple images at once to a Press Hit. This option requires an updated version of Java to run.

Create Multiple Press Hits

  • You can also click on “Create Multiple Press Hits” to create more than one Press Hit at once.

  • Only use this option when creating Multiple Press Hits for the same designer, collection, and publication. 

  • Every image you select will be dropped into its own individual Press Hit. This means you can only upload one image per Press Hit when creating Multiple Press Hits at once. 

  • ​You can always edit Press Hits to add more images to them once they've been created.

Editing Press Hits

  • Select the page number and size of your press hit.

  • In order to edit an image, you must select a page size.

  • Optional: Select “Custom” size to select the exact size of the Press Hit on the page. From here, simply click on the image of your Press Hit and drag the red box so it covers your sample. This will give you an exact reading of the size of your Press Hit.

  • Search for any samples associated with the Press Hit. They will appear in the “Selected Samples” section in the upper right corner of the page. 

NOTE: A Press Hit will not appear in Reports unless it is linked to a Sample. 

  • Click the "Continue" and then “Submit” button to create the Press Hit. The newly created Press Hit will then be added to the list of existing Press Hits with its page number, size, value (if applicable), and the number of samples associated with it. 

  • You can export a list of all Press Hits by clicking “Print” or “Email” at the bottom of the Press Hits page. This page also gives you the option to customize your own template so your export includes all of your desired details and can serve as a press book. 


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