Creating Send Outs or Deliveries

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2019 08:03PM GMT

Create Send Out

Record all outgoing sample activity for each Send Out

Step 1

  • Check the box under “Delivery Details” to select if you want to mark the send out as a Staff Loan (meaning it is within your company and won't be reflected in reports).

  • Choose the sender. Sender will automatically populate with the contact details of whatever username is logged in at the time, but other users can also be selected from the drop-down menu.

  • Select your Method of Dispatch from the drop-down menu.

    NOTE: All fields marked with an asterisk are required.

Select your Delivery Type. You can choose from the following options:

  • Loan: Send samples out that you expect to be returned to you.

  • Transfer: Send samples out that you do not expect to be returned to you. If 'Transfer' is done by a sample owner, it leads to both the removal of the sample from the Department Inventory but also an ownership transfer. If a 'Transfer' is done by a non sample owner, it would lead only to a removal of the sample from the Department Inventory.

Click here to learn more about the difference between 'Loan' and 'Transfer' Delivery Type options, as well as, further information on sample ownership.
  • Reservation: Send samples out at a later date and reserve them so nobody else can send them out during that time. 
The Delivery Type's below will mark the samples as having "End of Life" statuses. The samples will be removed from the Sample Manager Inventory and the samples will only be found within the Send-Out Reports. Click here to learn more about "End of Life" sample statuses and how to recover these samples if needed. 
  • Sale: Sell samples that you do not expect to be returned. If marked as sold by mistake, this sample can be recovered. Click here to learn more about marking samples as Sold.

  • Return to Vendor: Send samples back to their manufacturer. If marked as Returned to Vendor by mistake, this sample can be recovered.

  • Send to Archive: Select this loan type when you no longer wish for the samples to remain in your active inventory but do not want to remove them from your system. You can view archived inventory at any time from the Send-Out Report and can recover if needed.

  • Write off: Select this loan type when you do not expect the samples to be returned. This option is usually used to record when a sample has been lost or damaged beyond repair. You can recover samples back to your inventory if needed.

  • Gift: Select this loan type when you do not expect the samples to be returned. You can recover samples back to your inventory if needed.

  • Select the Reservation Date or Expected Return Date, depending on what type of send out you are creating. By clicking on the clock icon, you can set a default loan period. Please note this will apply to all users. 

  • Select the Recipient. You can select a contact from your database by typing into the drop-down menu (which will auto-filter through your contacts) or add a new contact by clicking the small plus sign (+) in the recipient field. 

  • You can send to an alternate address by selecting “Ship to an alternative company address,” “Ship to another contact’s address,” or clicking the small pencil icon in the upper right corner of the Address label preview. This will only change the contact’s address for this one send out and will not be saved in the database.

  • Fill out the bottom of the page to help with your reporting. This portion is not required but allows for a more thorough history of your samples’ activity.

  • Click the “Next Step” button to continue.


Step 2

  • Scan or type the barcodes of the samples you wish to send out. If you have already queued your samples, click “Add Queued Samples”.

  • Click “Create & Add Sample” to quickly send out new items that aren’t in your database yet.

  • Search your database by clicking “Add by Look” or “Add from Inventory”.

  • If you choose to Add from Inventory, you'll get a pop-up that looks similar to your sample manager from which to browse your samples. Make sure to select "Availability Status: Not Marked on Loan" to search samples that are currently in your inventory.

  • Click on "Scan" to add the samples to your send out.


  • Successfully scanned samples will appear in the “Scan Log” section. If the sample is unable to be sent out, a message will appear in red with an explanation as to why it cannot be included.

  • The “Selected Samples List” will show all samples that will be included in the send out.

  • The “Looks that will be sent out” section shows all looks that are associated with the outgoing samples.

  • Click “Next Step” to continue. 

  • NOTE: If you do not wish to send out your selected samples, be sure to select “Cancel Delivery” so your samples are returned back to your active inventory list. 

​Step 3

  • Once you approve the delivery, you will have the options to print your delivery memos, address label, and sample barcodes. 


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