Creating an Event

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2019 01:58PM BST

Creating an Event

Learn how to create and edit your event

  • To create a new event, click “Create Event” in the upper right corner of the page.

  • The required fields will be denoted with a red asterisk(*):

  • Department: This is the department of users who will have access to the event.

  • Seating: Select the seating style for the event, either a Seated Event or No Seating is needed.

  • Event Time: This is the time of your event. Please note this is formatted using 24-hour time. To make the event time appear in a 12-hour format on your invitation, be sure to check off the box next to “Event Time”. Regardless of which format you choose, you still have to enter the event time using the 24-hour format. 

  • Event Location: Click the plus sign (+) to add a new location, or select an existing address from the drop-down menu. The information that is populated in the drop-down comes from your Company Manager.

    NOTE: If your event is using an On-Site Fashion Week venue, you MUST select the checkbox in order for the check-in software to work at the tents. Once selected, please specify the venue.

NOTE: Double-check that your event location is entered correctly, as this information will be pushed directly to Fashion GPS Radar and allow your invitees to see the location on a map. 

  • Enable invitee barcode usage: Enabling this option will allow users to include an Invitee Barcode within any Events Mailing e-mail template.
  • Ask Invitee a question upon RSVP: Enabling this option will allow users to ask invitees a question upon RSVPing. This question will be viewable and answerable to your Invitees when they 'Click to RSVP'. 


  • Answers are able to be seen by using the Layout Preference RSVP Feedback within the Invitees Manager. 
  • Event Type: This is what kind of event you are having. This information is only internal.

  • Event Email: This is the default email address from which all event RSVP email templates will be sent. Although this is the default, you can still change it when you are editing your Events Mailing templates. ​

  • Event Season: This is the season corresponding to the event.

  • Guests: By selecting “Allow Invitee Guests”, you enable the ability to assign Guests to your Invitees. The default number designates how many Guests each Invitee will get. If you only want a handful of people to have Guests, tick off the box but keep the default at zero.


  • GPS Radar Information: This is the information that gets published to GPS Radar about your event.
  • Brand Profile: Use the drop-down to select the Brand Profile which the created event will publish to on GPS Radar. Reach out to the Launchmetrics Customer Success team to set up a Brand Profile page if you do not see your brand's name list.
  • Enable invitation requesting: By selecting “Enable Invitation Requesting," you enable the ability for Radar users to request an invitation to your event. Do note, this does not mean they are invited to your event. Below the box to enable this feature is a field that reads, "Invitation Request Email." This is the email where requested invitations would be received.
  • Event viewable to all GPS Radar members: By selecting "Event viewable to all GPS Radar members", the will enable your event to be published to the public Radar calendar for all GPS Radar members to view and if enabled, request an invitation.


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