Installing a Network Printer (MAC)

Last Updated: Jun 08, 2017 08:27PM BST

Installing a Network Printer (MAC)


  • Mac 10.6 or later

  • The latest version of Java. For Mac 10.6, go to the Apple Menu --> Software Update. For Mac 10.7 or later, it can be downloaded here:


The following steps will have to be completed twice — once for the Barcode printer, and once for the Address printer.
  • Sometimes, your computer will not be configured to open this page and you will be met with the above warning.

  • In this case, copy the text in the quotation marks, cupsctl WebInterface=yes, and paste it in Terminal. Then press Enter.

  • Click "Add Printer".

  • To access this page, you will need a username / password with Admin rights.

  • If you do not know which username you're logged in under, click on the Apple Menu and scroll to the bottom to see what your Username is.

  • Select AppSocket/HP JetDirect under “Other Network Printers”. Click Continue.

  • In Connection, type socket://IPADDRESSofthePrinter. If your IP address contains one or more zeroes before a number, omit them. For example, becomes Press Continue.

  • If you do not know the IP address of the printer, press and hold the green button on the top of the printer until the light flashes once. Release the button. A network configuration page will print out. The IP address will be located on the top of that network configuration page.

  • Name your printer the model of the printer (located on the top of the printer). Fill in the same for Description and leave the rest blank. Click Continue.

  • Select "Raw" and click on "Add Printer".

  • Select "Set Default Options".

  • Click on the "Administration" header at the top of the page.

  • Click "Add Class".

  • Enter "Barcode" or "Address" in the Name and Description fields. Select your printer from the "Members" menu. Click "Add Class".

  Once you've installed your printer on your computer, you're ready to connect it to GPS Samples. 

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