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Last Updated: Jun 08, 2017 02:43PM BST

Implementation Takeaway

In order for Fashion GPS to be most effective, it requires clean data and consistent practices. Adhering to the following preparation of data sheets will help ensure the system is set up for the most effective use.

Before you begin filling out your Samples and Contacts Template remember:

  • If you know you’re not going to be filling out a certain field you can always delete the column in Excel.

  • Go to the Import tab in the correct module (Contacts vs. Samples) to download blank templates.
  • We highly suggest locking down Categories and Types within Contacts, as well as Colors and Types within Samples. Take a look at our Suggested Lock Down List document and let your point of contact know if this is something you're interested in.

When filling out your Contacts Template don’t forget...

  • Department, First Name, Category and Company are required for every contact. If you don’t fill out the company for a contact, the system will mark them as a freelancer.

  • Decide on a uniform way of naming/writing your addresses and company names, e.g., the system will assume Vogue located on 4 Times Square is different than Conde Nast on 4 Times Sq. Also the system will mark The New York Times and NY Times as two different companies.

  • Categories should be broad and overarching, e.g., Press/Media, Retail, Entertainment.

  • Types can be more specific, such as Beauty, Editor, Actress, etc. Contacts can be associated with more than one type.

When filling out your Samples Template don’t forget...

  • Department, Designer, Collection, Season and Type are required for every sample.

  • Seasons need to be abbreviated, e.g., Spring Summer 12 should be SS13, and Pre-Fall 2013 should be PF13. If you would like a Custom Season let your point point of contact at Fashion GPS know and they can create it for you.

When you’re done filling out your templates...

  • Email your point of contact so they can look over your Excel sheets before you import so they can make suggestions or correct any mistakes.

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